When you’re part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, you’ll do challenging work, and be part of a team that values performance, quality and innovation. As part of a successful, growing global organization you will be encouraged to perform at your best.
With revenues of more than $20 billion and the largest investment in R&D in the industry, we give our people the resources and opportunities to make significant contributions to the world.


  • Work in compliance with legislation and IMS
  • Participate in a number of R&D projects: major contribution to the integration of complex new hardware and software on existing R&D prototype systems. Takes on challenging development projects.
  • Define and execute test plans for new complex hardware/software, and document results.
  • Troubleshoot integration issues, provide designers with feedback and suggest improvements to existing prototypes.
  • Maintain a small number of R&D prototype setups in the best possible working condition to facilitate development work, software releases, customer demos etc.
  • Take responsibility for the safety (X-ray, electronics, mechanical) around the designated prototype setups.
  • Take routine measurements of the X-ray emission levels and document the results.
  • Communicate frequently with project leaders on progress, technical issues and suggest alternative solutions. Also frequently communicate with OE, TSS and manufacturing project members to provide them with necessary input. Proactive attitude within projects.
  • Provide input during the specification and design phase of new products.
  • Routinely document test results in emails, reports and OCR's in English.
  • Transfer knowledge to OE, TSS and manufacturing partners.


  • Certification for electric devices, Co. 50/78 (Vyhláška 50) §6 (nice to have).
  • 2~7 years of experience.
  • Master's degree (in a relevant technical discipline is required).
  • Knowledge of specialized methods, techniques and processes is required, gained by 'on the job' experience. Conceptual thinking becomes important.
  • Interaction with other people is aimed at understanding, supporting and influencing them. Professional reasoning is required.
  • Uses sound judgment within well-defined procedures to determine appropriate action. Makes recommendations for solutions and improvements.
  • Completes tasks in a resourceful and effective way. Is sensitive to project deadlines.

Location: CTP Brno - Slatina


Aleksandra Adamczyk

Vlastimila Pecha , Brno 627 00