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You’ll not find any assembly line manufacturing here. We focus on making high-tech scientific products. Each year, only a few hundred electron microscopes and spectroscopes leave our premises. These devices are created, for the most part, according to specific customer requirements. We assemble and set up all these devices to best serve their purpose.

We’re the biggest manufacturer of electron microscopes and spectrometers in the Czech Republic. These devices are used for studying viruses and for developing modern materials, they’re applied in the production of microchips, and assist in heavy industry. They are worth millions of crowns. But don’t be afraid. We look after each newbie and we’ll teach you everything. If you’re looking for a stable job in a unique technological environment, a place where you’ll be able to grow, you have come to the right place.

How we work – manufacturing jobs

Why work in Manufacturing

What you might not know

  • Our Brno manufacturing premises occupy an area bigger than four soccer pitches, which makes us one of the largest electron microscope and spectrometer centers in the world.
  • Our manufacturing environment is cleaner than a hospital operating theater.
  • The manufacturing building stands on a special foundation plate which minimizes the vibrations from passing cars or buses. Although such vibrations are imperceptible to people, they might disturb the correct functioning of our devices.
  • While some simpler devices might take weeks to make, manufacturing more complex electron microscopes takes several months. See for yourself how an electron microscope is made – watch this video.
  • In Manufacturing, we work with both sensitive micro-sensors and high voltages.
  • An absolute majority of our devices get exported, our customers are all over the world.

What you might not know

Vacancies in the production

Open Hours

Want to know more about working at Thermo Fisher Scientific? Not sure whether it’s really your thing? Do you need to fill in some details? Come to one of our Open Hours! During an Open Hour you can visit us and meet colleagues from Manufacturing. No strings attached. Just call our recruiter and make an appointment. We’ll be glad to meet you!

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