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Our devices have contributed to developing the vaccine against the ZIKA virus, they are used by NASA, and you can find them at the best universities in the world, like Yale and Oxford. Our colleagues from the Development and Engineering Department work to ensure our devices maintain their position at the very forefront of the industry. In their development work, they often find themselves at the very frontiers of physics.

One of the largest research and development departments of Thermo Fisher Scientific is right here in Brno. More than 700 people participate locally in development, manufacturing engineering, and technical support. As we continue to grow, we’re looking for experts in physics, mechanical construction, electronics, mechatronics, imaging methods, and other technical and scientific fields.

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Want to know more about working at Thermo Fisher Scientific? Not sure whether it’s really your thing? Do you need to fill in some details? Come to one of our Open Hours! During an Open Hour you can visit us and meet colleagues from Development or Engineering. No strings attached. Just call our recruiter and make an appointment. We’ll be glad to meet you!

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