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Electron microscopes and spectrometers are high-tech devices with a complex supply chain, and we supply them to scientists and companies all over the world. We’re one of the largest exporters in the Czech Republic. Our Logistics Department not only takes care of shipment, it’s also responsible for material and production planning, purchasing components, and storage. It provides a first-class customer service and assists with the installation of devices at the customer.

Logistics at Thermo Fisher Scientific is unique and offers opportunities to people with all kinds of qualifications. Although we produce complex devices, you’re not required to be a technology expert – if you can speak English, can think logically, and you want to learn something new, working in logistics is the right thing for you!

Logistics at Thermo Fisher

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Want to know more about working at Thermo Fisher Scientific? Not sure whether it’s really your thing? Do you need to fill in some details? Come to one of our Open Hours! During an Open Hour you can visit us and meet colleagues from Logistics. No strings attached. Just call our recruiter and make an appointment. We’ll be glad to meet you!

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