What do staff selection procedures look like?


Find a vacancy you’re interested in and send us your current CV.


A recruiter will get in touch within a few days to ask you some additional questions and to agree on the next steps. The recruiter will guide you through the entire staff selection procedure. If you have any questions or if there’s any problem, don’t hesitate to contact the recruiter.


If your CV matches the requirements for the vacancy, you’ll be invited for the first interview round. Please expect a call from our coordinators. Be careful – don’t be surprised if they call you from a foreign telephone number.


You then have your first interview, which usually includes a technical test. In the interview, you’ll meet your potential manager and a team member.


If everything goes well, you’ll be invited for the second round.


Welcome to the second round of talks. Your manager’s superior and another team member will be waiting for you here.


Congratulations! At this point, you’ve succeeded in the staff selection procedure. We’ll send you a specific offer of employment, including salary and other benefits.


If all parties agree on the offer, we can sign an employment contract and you become a new employee of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Welcome to the team!

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